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By: Kandy Inglis    (Nov 3, 2011)

Let's admit it, ordering something sight unseen, from someone you've never met can be unsettling at best. After much research, and going with "gut instinct"; this summer we took the plunge and ordered 1/2 a beef from Foss Road Beef. When we got the phone call saying that our beef had gone to the butcher, I crossed all my fingers and toes, hoping that this purchase had been a wise one.

The day finally came to pick everything up from the butcher. My husband brought it home and we packed it away in the freezer, keeping out a package of steaks for the BBQ that night. We were NOT disappointed! My first thought as I bit into that steak was "can I order another half? I don't want to run out of this!" We both said it was the tastiest, tenderest steak we had ever had, bar none. We have since tried other cuts, with the same gastronomic pleasure!

From our experience, I would say that you could purchase with confidence from Foss Road Beef. The entire transaction from start to finish was "prime"! Thank you Foss Road Beef for what you do!

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