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Delicious year-round CSA

By: Kelly Larabie    (Nov 6, 2011)

My family just completed our 4th year with Avalon Acres Farms CSA. We tried another CSA before and their produce was just fine, however, we wanted more from a CSA. We discovered Avalon Acres and were thrilled that they offered not only local, seasonal produce but also meat & eggs. We made the switch & aren't going anywhere. We participate in the spring/summer program which is 26 weeks long. It starts around the beginning of April and runs until the end of Oct/beginning of Nov. Everything is picked & packed fresh from the farms. You can taste the freshness. My kids eat more vegetables now then they ever did and I think it is because you can really taste what they are meant to taste like. Produce from the grocery store is so bland compared to fresh, local, in season produce. My family gets the 1/2 share of produce each week along with meat & eggs. When you sign up with Avalon Acres you can pick what you want. They have packages that give you 1 beef cut, 1 pork cut, 1 chicken cut plus eggs, or just 1 meat cut and eggs, or pick exactly what you want. If you get a rotated cut package they will send you a different cut of meat each delivery...pork chops, pork roast, country ham (just some of the pork cuts). All animals are pasture-raised, grass fed. Happy animals = great tasting meat! During the winter season, delivery is every 2 weeks, and you get winter produce (squash, sweet potatoes, etc) along with preserved goods from the abundance of the summer. You can still get meat & eggs. They offer local honey (when available), sorghum, ground corn meal, baked goods, and local cow & goat cheeses. Choosing Avalon Acres Farms CSA provides your family with fabulous, locally grown/raised healthy food but also supports many farming families in Middle TN (many small Amish farms). The owners of Avalon Acres Farms, Tim & Jen Bodnar, are wonderful, kind & caring people. They care about the land, the animals, their farmers, and all their customers. The staff of Avalon Acres Farms are just as kind & caring. Our delivery drivers have always been helpful & friendly. Customer service is great as well. If you run into a problem, they are quick to find a resolution that works. Each year that we are a part of Avalon Acres Farms CSA, we learn more about the produce we receive and buy less at the grocery store. They have a farm blog, recipe blog, and a group on Facebook that is very supportive & helpful. You won't go wrong by joining. It isn't too late.

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