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Never going back!

By: Heather Throneberry    (Nov 6, 2011)

We just finished our first season (summer) with Avalon Acres and are anticipating the start of the winter season. My husband and I kicked around the idea of doing a CSA for a couple years before I stumbled upon AA. Honestly, the reason we made the jump was because they had a very wide variety of produce, along with meat and eggs, and bread, milk and cheese for an additional price, for very reasonable rates. The kicker was that they allow weekly payments instead of requiring the full season's fee up front. I can work a weekly payment into my budget much easier.

So we took the plunge. And we'll never go back to full grocery shopping. Literally, the only thing we go to the store for now is milk, lunchmeat, cheese and bread. And hopefully our budget will allow us to buy milk, cheese and bread solely from AA in the future.

Week after week, the food was in great, fresh condition. The drivers were friendly and remembered my name and face after the first few weeks, the facebook community is so helpful with getting recipes and info on foods that might be unfamiliar and the owners are great to communicate as well.

I love knowing that we're eating local, fresh, seasonal foods grown/raised by local small-scale farmers, many who are Amish or Mennonite. And the food tastes great! It's challenged me to make great meals and get out of a cooking rut. I don't have experience with other CSAs to really compare, but I do love Avalon Acres and I tell everyone I can about them!

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