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Another GREAT Day at the Farm

By: Durinda Westhoff    (Nov 6, 2011)

Hey Farmer Rick, Just wanted to let you & all the readers out there, know that my 10 yr old grandaughter really enjoyed her visit to the farm yesterday. She loved picking all the veggies we bought yesterday. She ate all the cucumbers on the way home & wanted to come back for more. I think she just liked the The Cesar Romane Lettuce was fresh, crisp & tastey as always. The chives were awesome on our baked potaoes we had. I am making the squash today. Let me know when the tomatoes & onions are ready as your Lonesome Lushious Onions are so sweet they are to DIE for! Thanks again for all your hard work & long days you put into this so people like my grandaughter & myself can enjoy this experience. Sincerly, Durinda PS have pics to post....not sure how.. : )

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Rick McHan says:    (Nov 6, 2011)
I am glad you had fun, the Pictures may be emailed to Thanks Rick