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What a variety!

By: Judy Polhemus    (Nov 8, 2011)

I just read a negative review of the fall Farmers Market. I realize there is a shortage of literal produce -- fruits and vegetables. That comes from lack of rain! I had a very small garden this past summer that barely produced. Imagine the devastation of all the truck farmers who still brought what they had.

Even with the devastation you can still find wonderful greens, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, all the fall produce--squashes galore, potential gourds, great Thanksgiving decorations.

I would like to invite readers to visit with just two Saturdays left. What you will find is such a variety of items offered for sale. Each vendor represents the American Dream. Find a talent, develop it, and offer it for sale. Two people benefit: the seller and the buyer. The buyer will have something new to take home.

Visit with the vendors. Each has a great story. There's one couple, they must be in their 70's or 80's. They make and sell all these canned goods: jams, jellies, spiced items, green tomatoes, pickles. Their booth is really delightful and so are they! Another mother and daughter combo make the most adorable children's clothing. I've seen two different vendors who make and sell their own sausages, one is Cajun, the other Italian.

Then the Ivy Lady who sells wonderful pots of ivy taken from the Mother Plant (her name for this huge 25-year old Ivy). Her son thinks she cries each time she parts with one of her "babies." And the Turkish cuisine, and tea cookies and meat pies. And oh the salsa--jars and plastic containers. It's all good!

Farmers Market is a great adventure for the kids. Get up Saturday morning, get the kids dressed, and bring them down to the market. Show them what people do in their spare time and, even more so, for a living. The couple who sell meat without preservatives or additives to the animals food are purists about what they do. You will get a great lesson in green lving.

Talk to the vendors you visit. They all have a story. And take something home to celebrate your visit!

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