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Sadly Disappointed

By: Matthew Osborn    (Nov 9, 2011)

I am very disappointed. "Woefully" disappointed might be a little too strong, but considering how little money I can afford to spend on food, risking over $300 on this, my first time trying a CSA, feels like a pretty heavy loss to me. The variety of vegetables listed on the web site looked very interesting, and people talking about CSAs in general told me that I should expect so much food that I wouldn't be able to eat it all myself. I had also been led to expect wonderful quality from this kind of thing. Sadly, none of those expectations worked out for me in my experience with Rock Dove Farm. I will probably not try any CSA again after this experience -- certainly won't be signing up with Rock Dove again.

It wasn't all bad. I got to try a few things I hadn't tried before. But seeing as how I had to keep buying vegetables from Kroger or Giant Eagle all summer anyway, I would have been much better off just getting all my vegetables from regular grocery stores, with an occasional treat of something different from one of the many farmers' markets around the area.

This was not worth the money I paid. I eventually had to conclude that it really wasn't even worth the cost of the gas for me to drive to the pick-up location every week.

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