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So Delicious!!

By: Allison Guidry    (Nov 9, 2011)

A couple that I know are members of Avalon Acres. I went to eat at their house one day and all of the food was absolutely delicious. I learned that pretty much everything we ate came from Avalon Acres. I needed to know more! I visited the website and learned so much about CSAs. I joined when the summer season was almost over so I didn't get to enjoy a lot of the variety of produce early summer gets. But the produce and meats that I did get was heavenly. You can definitely tell a difference between a free range chicken/egg and a grocery bought chicken/egg. Not to mention the colors of the produce (especially the bellpeppers) just seem to pop! The prices are really great compared to other CSAs. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help you identify those unknown veggies you might get (kohlrabi anyone??). They offer a 10% discount at the beginning of the season if you pay in full for the whole season. If you can't afford to pay up front, they offer convenient weekly payments as well. They provide free range turkeys for Thanksgiving. Another wonderful thing about Avalon Acres is the fact that they are a year round CSA. Most CSAs only have a summer or a winter season. I have already paid for this upcoming winter season and can't wait to see what delicious goodies I will receive!

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