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from: James Lake Farms

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Such a pleasure....

By: Sun Young Park    (Nov 10, 2011)

With the enjoyment as using blender that I recently purchased, banana became one of the frequent fruit that I use to make healthy smoothie. I was thinking maybe some more would be excellent addition for being finally 'perfect' mixture with banana. What should it be? After long contemplation, this fruit turned out to be cranberry, which I found in here and happily ordered. It wasn't the only fact that I was able to find this out, but this happiness got stronger when I read next to the name of product, marked with 'organic'. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for the fast delivery, making it being reached to my house as though it was just picked up right before it came to the door. I divide it into portions and store it in the freezer in Ziplock. Happy thanksgiving, and it is such a pleasure to have fresh cranberry in this price! I will come back when things are gone!

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