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A Nightmare: Ruined our Thanksgiving! - Part 2

By: DMC DMC    (Dec 10, 2011)

Part 2 of 2 (continued): She offered to meet me late in the day (during rush hour) the next day (the day before Thanksgiving) in Towson, MD to pick up the fresh Rock Cornish Hen, or alternatively, she would give us two smaller frozen Cornish Hens she had on the truck or a turkey for free. Although we felt Lynne should deliver the Rock Cornish Hen we ordered to our home, I called my Sister and we agreed that traffic late the day before Thanksgiving in Towson would prohibit us from meeting her there, so we agreed to take the two frozen Cornish hens for free. A half-hour later, I receive a call from Lynne at home that she was still at the location waiting for us to pick up our turkey. I had to explain again that I was the customer who ordered the Rock Cornish Hen she had forgotten and that I had just taken the free frozen birds. I left the bird we were to eat for Thanksgiving in the refrigerator overnight, but it was still frozen solid on the day before Thanksgiving. When I arrived at my Sister's home for Thanksgiving, we had to thaw it in a sink full of water immediately so that it could be cooked the next day. When my Sister thawed the bird at about 10:00pm on the night before Thanksgiving, she discovered that the frozen bird was split into parts. She was so upset at that point and insisted I call Lynne immediately. We wanted to let her know how unhappy we were and that it was too late to do anything about it. Lynne added insult to injury by insisting that the bird was not divided into parts, but my Sister and I had no reason to lie about this at 10:00pm on the night before Thanksgiving. In addition, my Sister is a Food Technologist at the USDA and is a poultry specialist. She said Lynne did not label the Cornish Hens properly as parts, and communicated the same to Lynne by telephone. We ended up roasting the Cornish Hen parts the next day and the taste was nothing extraordinary. Needless to say, it's a good thing we weren't entertaining guests on Thanksgiving because this was a nightmare, a disaster, she ruined our Thanksgiving, we will never order anything again from her, and would not recommend her farm to anyone else. If you're a poultry farmer and you can't manage to get Thanksgiving, the biggest poultry holiday of the year right, you should hang it up. To sum it up: She cannot get a simple order right, cannot be relied upon to provide Customer Service, and her poultry is lackluster at best.

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