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Excellent vibes, excellent organic grass fed standards

By: Kirra Sherman    (Dec 19, 2011)

We visited Amelia & Erika's shop off Fairfax and their presentation is incredibly wonderful, with a wide variety of specialty meat items, and great quality meats. Their beef is all organic, antibiotic free and grass fed, grass finished, all from local farmers (small farms, big relationships- we heard one of their farmers was hanging out in the back the other day so more likely there is an integrity there), and the pigs are all non-grain, non-corn fed.

Also, two other employees (other than Amelia) had great enthusiasm and knowledge about all the meats.

If you want non-grain, non-corn fed BACON, pork belly, steaks, organic ice cream or smoked olives, this is the place to go in LA!

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