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Variety and Quality

By: Josie Ralston    (Dec 30, 2011)

Not normally one to write a review - but after subscribing to the Creative Growers CSA for the past two years - and after reading the past review - I felt compelled to spread the word.

First, a quick comment on the previous review, what is wrong with a purple potato or fennel bulb? Seriously, if you want a box full of russet potatoes, iceberg lettuce and perfectly spherical tomatoes - I think your local grocery store is probably a better bet than a CSA from a small family farm. If, on the other hand, you want to branch out and try something different - then go the CSA route. You'll get plenty of your basic staples (carrots, potatoes, etc) - but also get an opportunity to try a lot of things you will never find at a grocery store (garlic whistles, sunchokes, lemon cucumbers, and the aforementioned speckled lettuce - pretty sure those "brown spots (i.e. specks)" are supposed to be there :) ).

The quality of the vegetables our family got were consistently good and every week I looked forward to seeing what was in the box. It was like a little adventure trying to incorporate new vegetables (to me) into some old recipes and finding new ways to use the old standbys.

CSA's aren't for everyone - but if you want great vegetables and like trying new things every now and then - give one a try. I've personally tried a few in the Portland area and Creative Growers is my favorite so far. Is it perfect? Not sure, but I am supporting a local farm, eating great and learning what it really means to eat seasonally (i.e. only a few short months of really good heirloom tomatoes)

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