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Outstanding beef and eggs!

By: Scott Reid    (Jan 3, 2012)

The grass fed/grass finished beef from Altai Meadows was simply the best I have ever tasted. I visited the farm and was impressed with the operation- this is truly a family-run farm. The beef I enjoyed was tender and flavorful and it was obvious to me that great care was taken to produce the highest quality beef possible. This is how beef is really meant to taste. Feel free to compare the meat from Altai Meadows to any other product available- it is simply outstanding.

I also enjoyed the fresh eggs from this farm and found them to be of the highest quality. The egg flavor was far superior to grocery store-bought eggs (of course) and you can tell that these chickens have a more wholesome and valued life. Free-range produced eggs such as these really ARE better.

I would highly recommend this farm overall and its products.

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