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LOVE Earthkeeper Farm

By: Jed Scott    (Jan 5, 2012)

My family has been a member of the Earthkeeper Farm CSA since 2009, three full seasons. This gives me enough perspective to say that they are truly wonderful stewards of the land, conscientious to their many customers, and a model of the future of small organic farming. While it can be disappointing to not have the one ingredient I want as part of my share on any given week ("darn, I was going to make tomatillo salsa this week!"), I believe that that is nature of belonging to a CSA...and in return you get some of the best produce I've ever had, in quantities that usually leaves me wondering how to fit it all into my fridge! I'm already looking forward to the onset of heirloom tomatoes in July and especially their strawberries - without a doubt the best I've ever had. But truly, what crop do they put in our share that I DON'T love? (OK, cabbage...but that's a personal problem, not a farm problem!)

With a full-time staff of one, Earthkeeper does a remarkable job of providing food to CSA members, restaurants, and two farmers markets. They maintain an informative website, regularly update their Facebook page with pertinent information, and provide a newsletter with recipes and farm news throughout the CSA season. Meanwhile, they are training the next generation of farmers through their internship and WWOOFer programs.

I'm a huge fan of this farm and the people who run it!

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