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Welcome Back Dave and Sara

By: Rhonda Witherite    (Jan 17, 2012)

I was sooo excited to hear that Dave and Sara have started the Healthy Harvest Farm CSA in Bellefonte and I am grateful for the chance to be able to once again enjoy their produce. I was a member of a previous farm where they grew and harvested the most wonderful, flavorful, fresh, and nice looking products. I saw firsthand how they worked the fields, planted, cared for and purposely harvested their produce so that it was at peak quality for distribution. Their care and concern didn't just start with the soil and seeds, it went much deeper as they considered their future partners when choosing what to grow and harvest. As well as taking a much deeper concern to produce quality local foods that helped sustain a healthy individual or family to the much bigger picture of helping to sustain a healthy earth that will provide over and over again. In keeping with their concern for the products they grew and the earth they partnered with they extended that to those who trusted them enough to invest in them. Their joy of what they did was infectious as they talked with each member at distribution and their Saturday get down and dirty (if you wanted to) "work" days. They were always willing to educate, share and just get to know all those that became a member. I cannot say enough about Sara and Dave and their produce. WELCOME BACK to being the farmers of my CSA.

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