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Land's Sake CSA

By: Patricia Hambrick    (Jan 18, 2012)

Land's Sake CSA is like having Christmas every week! I have been a CSA member for 2 years and have loved the variety and abundance of produce that we get. I personally love not knowing what we are picking up each week as I have tasted and learned to love many vegetables that I wouldn't have known otherwise- such as Kale. I had never tasted Kale and now I know 4 or 5 different ways to use it so that I now miss it when the season is over! The vegetables are obviously very fresh. Everything is organic and tastes so much better than anything I could buy at any store.I miss the wonderful vegetables in the winter and am already looking forward to Spring/Summer. I split my CSA with a friend and there is more than enough for each of us each week (I think they say there is enough for a family of 4, and this would support that). We also bought the winter share this November and I am still enjoying many of the root vegetables from that pick up. Pick up times are reasonable so that even though we both work full time, it's not a problem to get my vegetables once a week. Lands Sake is like a family. You meet the farmers at the stand, they always have great ideas how to prepare any of the vegetables, and working the fields with them during the volunteer hours connects us all. Lands Sake CSA is a great program which I am very happy to support.

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