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Can't wait for 2012's Healthy Harvest

By: Jason Kaye    (Jan 20, 2012)

I have been in a couple of CSAs in State College, and my favorite by far was when Sara and Dave were the farmers. This is their family business and they really take pride in their work. Their produce is great and they are careful stewards of the land. Picking up the share is the highlight of my week because I get to catch up with Sara and Dave and hear about how things are going with the farm. They probably get tired of my questions, but they never show it.

One thing I really like about their approach is that they let you have some choices in what goes into the share. If you don't like beets (or your kids don't), no problem, choose something else that you like more. This cuts down on waste and makes the share a better value. I also like that that Healthy Harvest distributes all of their food to their CSA members. I have been in other CSAs that sell off their pristine produce to grocery stores and then offer the medium quality stuff to the CSA. I am glad that Healthy Harvest doesn't do that. It feels more like the real spirit of a CSA when you are buying an equal share of what's grown. I also like supporting young farmers who are committed to our community. I think it is the best way to take ensure that we will always have a good supply of locally grown food.

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