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from: Bear Foot Honey

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By: Judith Polanco    (Jan 22, 2012)

Ordered 2 bottles of raw orange blossom and they were making us sick. We are diabetic and only use honey for its allergy healing properties. It was more sugar than honey in that jar. This was my first experience in this site after purchasing from another site that was sending us decent honey. I decided to try and support our local farms. I am very disappointed. The second jar is untouched and will be discarded.

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Cheryl Loraditch says:    (Oct 11, 2012)
Would have been happy to refund had they bothered to contact us and send back the honey. Which they did not do. We aim to educate not mutilate which means that as honey will naturally crystallize so we teach you how to care for real raw honey. Crystallization occurs when the natural nectars wrap around the pollen in the honey, so the more pollen in the honey the faster it will Crystallize.