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Highly Recommend Ready Jam Farms!!!

By: Laura Jones    (Jan 30, 2012)

We had never been involved with a CSA before, but wanted to join one to eat better and to try some new vegetables. What a great find Ready Jam Farms was! We received a box from June thru October. All the vegetables were organic and fresh(they picked them in the morning just hours before we got to the farm). The box had all of our favorites-carrots, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, potatoes, lettuce, kale, spinach,etc-depending on what was in season. On top of the "common" vegetables, there were a variety of things we hadn't tried before. Ready Jam Farms carried a variety of heirloom vegetables that we had never seen or experienced in the past-what a treat! It was always fun to open the box and see what was inside! Each week we received a newsletter giving us the names of the vegetables in our box and an update of what was going on at the farm. In addition, there were cooking suggestions for some of the unique vegetables and always a recipe. My favorite one involved shredding Kale on a cookie sheet and baking it with cheddar cheese on top. This one was fairly simple, but there were also recipes, like pumpkin soup, that took a little more work. One of my favorite tricks I learned from the newsletter-if you put a few turninps in with your potatoes when you boil them, when you mash them all together your kids won't even notice:) I highly recommend Ready Jam Farms. The vegetables are excellent and Farmer Jim and Cheryl are great people.

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