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By: Kathy Johnson    (Feb 7, 2012)

Being a customer of Three Springs Farm is a feast for the senses! The produce is beautiful and and offers the authentic taste of local produce. Of course it is absolutely fresh so the nose is sated as are the hands with the variety of textures. So often these days we are brow-beaten into living responsibly, but I find this a very pleasant way to consume food. You have the excitement of never knowing exactly what the season holds ahead because each year has different growing conditions. David, Arwen and Phoebe have new ideas every year as well, so we are constantly learning about new vegetables. Some crops take longer to develop, like asparagus. Patience brings a lovely reward. We get to spread our culinary wings and eat like the French (with their radishes, sorrel and celeriac.)In fact, since much of the world eats a vegetable and grain-based diet, the vegetables lend themselves to delving into new tastes. Every week, recipes are included online with the listing of that week's offerings. We are able to feast like a world citizen on food grown in local soil! The quality and care put into the food makes me more mindful of what I am eating, but not in a guilty way--in a joyful way! It is also very convenient, with several drop off points. It is a celebration to be with other people who simply share an appreciation for good food. I highly recommend the experience of buying shares from Three Springs Farm!

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