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By: Kathie Ziegler    (Feb 7, 2012)

I'm posting this review under Shiloh's Garden as well, since he claims that Shiloh's Garden supplies The Little Muddy Farm...

Robert Jones is a liar and a thief. First and foremost, you should know that he DOES NOT grow the produce for this CSA. He told me and my husband that the government pays him not to grow anything, and that he "manages" produce for the local Amish farmers. When another member asked if we could visit his farm, he told her that we couldn't visit his farm because he was going through a divorce, then called her a liar for saying that. So, essentially he's a liar with a bad memory. Because there was a group of us, Robert offered us free delivery to Whiteman Air Force Base. Then, after he realized that delivering to us actually involved some effort, he said he'd deliver to a town ten miles away and we'd have to pick up there. Still too much effort for Robert: he then said he was too busy and we'd have to wait a month for him to fulfill our contract. At that point, we were fed up and asked for a refund for the last three weeks. He said to send him a bill and he'd give us a refund, then promptly cancelled his e-mail account, stopped answering his phone or returning voicemails or texts, and refused to sign for the bill I mailed him by certified mail. Altogether he stole $197.64 from us, which is what the three weeks he never delivered cost us. We would have only lost one weeks' worth of money, but he stood us up twice, without so much as a phone call to explain or apologize. I honestly considered taking Robert to small claims court, more because I don't want to let him get away with being a con artist and a thief, but I've realized that since Robert has no morals it would be a waste of time. Find another CSA, even if it means a longer drive...and if you still decide to take a chance on The Little Muddy Farm after this review, for goodness' sake do not pay the man in advance!! What a horrible, nightmarish experience.

Kathie Ziegler

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