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Late Season Passion Fruit Are Still Pure Magic

By: Robert Farrell    (Feb 13, 2012)

Wow, John! Let's hear it for the mild winter. The extra order of passion fruit I got this year arrived huge, heavy and fragrant enough to perfume the entire entry way.

They may be, as you say, slightly less juicy but I can't notice it. What I do notice is an intnsity that is AT LEAST as good as earlier in the season.

The early season fruit seem to have more of a floral lightness about them. These, on the other hand, seem a little heavier into a tropical berry note. Both are great and the difference makes it more interesting.

I can tell you this, they have made great passion fruit hot fudge sauce and killer passionfruit syrup martinis.

Keep 'em growin', John. You're awesome!


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