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Lexington's Best CSA

By: Sarah D'Orazio    (Feb 17, 2012)

We got hooked on the concept of a CSA at another farm, where we had a share for 3 years, but our enthusiasm was waning because the selection of produce didn't match our personal tastes well and many weeks we felt that too much food was going to waste. Last year we switched to Three Springs Farm, and now we are excited about the concept of a CSA again!

These are the reasons we love the Three Springs Farm CSA:

1) You actually see the farm owners every week. I'm not just supporting a local farm, I am talking to the farmer. David and Arwen and their daughter Phoebe are delightful and we look forward to seeing them each week. That personal connection to the land and its harvest makes me much more excited to eat locally.

2) Choice! Instead of picking up a pre-packed box, we walk down the line of produce and make our own selections. If you like tiny little new potatoes, you can pick the smallest ones out of the basket and probably get a dozen as part of your share. Want three nice big ones instead this week? Go ahead and choose those. Typically there are at least two items to choose as "either-or" as well.

3) The swap bin. In my other CSA, where we picked up pre-packed boxes, no one really utilized the swap bin because they hadn't had a chance to look through the box yet, and you were standing on someone's porch, and didn't want to take up too much of their time. So there was nothing in the bin to swap with. The swap bin is heavily utilized by David & Arwen, often containing items that they didn't have enough of to put in the shares for everyone. Between the choice described above, and the swap bin, we NEVER went home with things in our basket that we really didn't want to have that week.

4) The ability to purchase farm fresh eggs and cheese as needed is also a big plus for us.

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