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The best CSA for my family!

By: Kathi Fischbach    (Feb 18, 2012)

We have been with Harmony Valley for several years now - I'm not sure exactly, maybe 4 or 5 years and couldn't be happier. This is the third CSA we have joined and it took a couple of misses to find a good fit.

The things I like about Harmony Valley are -

1. The payment plan. I like being able to pay monthly and have it taken right out of my checking account instead of a lump sum all at once. By the time we joined Harmony Valley I had switched from a full time to a part time job and it would have been difficult to come up with the full amount up front like we had to do with the others.

2. The right amount of mix of familiar veggies mixed in with some new ones to try. I never knew I liked fennel - now I look forward to finding fennel in my box. There are very few things that we don't eat out of the box.

3. The weekly newsletters that come with each box. They are very explicit and tell you exactly what you are getting and if there are two items that look similar, they describe the difference to you. No more wondering what is in the box. They also contain recipes and cooking suggestions.

4. The long season. I buy veggies year round and would rather get them from my CSA than the store. With the extended season add on, I get boxes right up through January - and the January boxes are full of root crops and winter squash that will last me a long time.

5. The opportunity to add on Fruit, Cheese and Coffee shares. We don't use Coffee and I have a dairy allergy so we have never taken advantage of those add-ons but it is nice they are there. We decided to drop our fruit share this year. While it was a great value for the fruit you get, there were too many fruits included that we just don't eat. I will miss the great fruit though.

6. The huge size of the boxes. I grow a large garden and even though we are a family of 3, we go through a lot of veggies. We rarely go out to eat so a huge box to plan my meals around is a necessity. Extras to be able to can to get us through the winter, even better.

7. The convenient locations. Here in the Twin Cities, they have a ton of drop off sites - no need to drive a great distance to get your veggies and the sites are open long hours.

8. The great communication from the farm via Facebook and their blog. When there have been floods and other disasters I have been able to *see* them through pictures on the web and I knew what to expect. There has also been some teasing about new items that may be coming - so glad to have ginger added to the box this year.

Find the right CSA for you - for us, Harmony Valley is the one - I hope it is for you too.

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