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Rip-off disguised as a doing good for local farms

By: Shelli Zink    (Feb 18, 2012)

We did the CSA with Farm membership. It was such a bad experience that we have been totally turned off from any CSA and will just use Farmer's Markets and our own trips to local farms for our produce. As an avid gardener it was obvious the produce was always harvested several days in advance, it was usually moldy, wilted beyond use, or harvested so prematurely it was inedible. From our half-share we didn't get more than 20lbs of edible food over the entire season. And no, I don't expect grocery store level perfection, but the produce I received was disgusting. I learned my lessons, #1 don't trust a circus to give you good produce and #2, don't trust a business to uphold their side after you've paid them $600 ahead of time.

As for the experience on the farm? It was okay for a one-off, but not anything special. I would never have paid the entrance or membership if it weren't included in our CSA. Total rip-off. The events we did attend there were poorly organized and even left my kids in tears once from their inability to run a simple egg hunt. The animals on the farm? Deplorable conditions. If you've seen the conditions the cows on Food, Inc. are kept in? That's what most of the animals are housed in. It's inhuman.

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