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Honey Brook Organic Farm is the BEST!!!

By: pat ritter    (Feb 24, 2012)

I have been a member of this CSA on and off for 10 years or so (back when they were Watershed Organic Farm). I started as a boxed share member and am now an individual share member.

There are several CSAs in this area, there were more when I became interested after hearing Mike McGrath tout them on his show. What caused me to choose this one first was that the boxed share delivery wasn't too far away and the share cost fell within my budget. The produce was always very nice, and fresh. They also would put in things that I had no idea what they were (looks like something alien to me) so I'd head online to research and find out more.

A couple years ago, I changed from boxed share to on-farm pickup. I like that much better than the boxed share. One of the advantages is that it makes me go to the farm to do the PYO stuff, I rarely went when I was a boxed share member. And if there is something in the share that I don't like (no beets for me, please), I can trade/give it to another member or, if it is available, put it in the food bank box.

Now that they've opened a second farm in Chesterfield, I am a member there (it's a lot closer to me).

I've heard grumbling in the farm stands on the "lean" years and I have explained to them that I have been a member for YEARS and some years are AMAZING (like the year we supplied our neighbors with tomatoes and pumkins there were so many) and some are not so. Over time it all evens out.

As for variety, I think the variety is great! I don't mind there being so many different strains of the same vegie. We got this cauliflower one year that was green and looked like no cauliflower I'd ever seen before. And some squash we didn't know and are hooked on them. There are also the "warty" pumpkins that we now search out. Sure there are some strains that have too much variety (my only complaint is that the signs for the hot peppers get so obscured by the plants I have trouble telling them apart, though now that I know the Red Birds, I go for those).

I suggest this CSA to all my friends and anyone else who asks. We love it!!!

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