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Great Value for Wholesome Bounty

By: Melissa McEuen    (Feb 24, 2012)

Everyone assumes that beautiful, fresh, tasty vegetables from a CSA like Three Springs Farm are more expensive than similar items purchased at a supermarket. However, our experience has shown that this common assumption is false. During the blessed growing season at Three Springs Farm, we go to the supermarket much less than during the bleak remainder of the year. This means we are exposed to fewer temptations to purchase items we do not need. When we do make the trip to the big store, it is mainly to purchase staples like milk, juice and paper products. Moreover, the produce from Three Springs Farms is so varied, bountiful and succulent that it usually constitutes our main course at dinner through the week, encouraging us to consume more vegetables and less meat. So we save here too. At the end of each month in the growing season, we find to our delight that we have actually spent less money on groceries and invested in our overall health, too.

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