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The way a CSA should be.

By: Andy Derengowski    (Feb 26, 2012)

We've been with Olden for a few years now, and haven't a single complaint. The variety of the produce offered is great, and the additional share options are wonderful; eggs (by far the areas best), cheese, bread, pasta, pork (also the areas best), fruit, all produced by local farms. Haven't tried the maple syrup share, but I have heard wonderful things about it.

When we picked a CSA years ago, one of the most important factors for me was being able to visit the farm. We enjoy visiting, and have more so enjoyed Tracy and Dick giving us the opportunity to not only learn more, but to help out on the farm. Although, they won't let me drive the tractor yet!

They are always willing to stop the hard work for a chat, be it to discuss the weather, last weeks share and how to cook the funny looking bunch of stuff you've never seen before, or the antics of Mel and Addie (both of which are sweet and innocent as can be!)

Bottom line is that we have been happy members and can't imagine going elsewhere. Being able to see the farm and more importantly how they farm is key. The believe in doing it the right way, and that IS what they do.

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