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Nice produce but horrible communication

By: Jain Dow    (Mar 1, 2012)

We really believe in supporting our local farms and have participated in various CSA programs for the last 3 years. This is our first Winter CSA with Zahradka Farm and while I wholeheartedly would love to support them, I just can't recommend them after our experience. Each week we select online what produce we want from their choices and they deliver it at the end of the week within a 2-day window. The produce is good quality, however, it's the communication - or lack thereof - that is the problem. We've had to email them twice so far about mistakes with our order and they never have responded.

They told us at the beginning of the season to check their blog for updates. They have now removed all the comments and disabled the customers' ability to leave comments. I find this troublesome because it is another form of communication to them that has now been cut off. In regard to the comments on their blog, I am aware that one other customer had left a comment on the blog about the inconsistencies with how the website and deliveries are run. Eventually Farmer George responded to the commenter and told her that maybe not everyone was aware, but that he had been in a car accident and spent some days in shock trauma. While this accident was truly misfortunate, I did not think it was appropriate to use this accident to dodge this commenters legitimate complaints rather than addressing and resolving them. We experienced some of the commenters issues so I know her complaints predated the accident. Second, how would this commenter - or the rest of us for that matter - know about the accident if they had not specifically told us? Again, it all comes down to communication.

I can understand that they are extremely busy. I do appreciate all the work that they put into the CSA. However, to work well I believe they have have to put more effort into the communication with their customers. Although you can never please everyone, it is never okay to ignore emails and not address legitimate complaints.

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