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Top 10 Reasons to join Abbe Hills Farm CSA

By: Maggie Jackson    (Mar 6, 2012)

10. The drive out to the farm has the power to bring peace to even the most stressful day.

9. If the drive does not do it, then then chickens, the kittens, Lucky (Laura's "guard" dog), and the children interacting with all of the above most certainly will.

8. Watching your teenager eat a kohlrabi for the first time and with a surprised look on his face stating, "This is awesome!"

7. Eggs. The real ones - with power-packed yolks produced by happy, roaming chickens (guarded by aforementioned Lucky.)

6. Simply wholesome, amazing food. Period. From the lettuces to radishes to eggplants to zucchini, to the squashes, beets and tomatoes, bok choy and kale, onions, potatoes and sweet corn and herbs to boot. You know it is real food because you see it growing in the field and it takes such a short journey to get into your hands.

5. Dirt. Yep, good old Iowa dirty sometimes accompanies our share home and that is just too cool. That dirt tells us our vegetables are straight from the earth.

4. A freezer full of vegetables. We've mastered the art of storing the extra food from our weekly share. There's nothing better than enjoying sweet corn and kale in the middle of winter and it tasting like it came out of the field today.

3. Learning from one another. Weekly share pick-up is far more than gathering your vegetables. The camaraderie of the families is remarkable and many a recipe, or two, have been shared in Laura's barn.

2. Laura Krouse. She knows her stuff and she will answer any and all questions. She loves food as much as we do and that makes the whole process incredibly fun. She communicates with all the shareholders with detailed and very witty weekly emails. And she consistently gives back to the community.

1. Food has the power to transform. Choose yours intentionally. We have and it has made all the difference.

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