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Great Food Trumps All

By: Bonnie Sorak    (Mar 14, 2012)

I appreciate the reviewer's concerns. I have been a member of three CSA's in as many years. We had a summer share from The Zahradka Farms last season and currently have a winter share. We are a vegan family of 6 so you will understand that vegetables are very important to us. I think CSA members need to ascertain why they are members to begin with. If you are a member to enjoy the freshest, and therefore the most flavorful produce available at a reasonable price with the benefit of knowing WHO is growing your food and that your purchase really makes a difference in a farmer's (family's) life then you should consider over looking some of the business operations shortfalls. I want a farmer who grows good food. It would be great if the operation could be run more "businesslike" but the reality of small family farms is that is very difficult. When they are busy making sure there is food for us to eat the technology/communication stuff regrettably falls by the wayside. Neither of the first two programs we were a part of were any better about communications then this reviewer's experience. To my knowledge George and Libby have always striven to correct any errors - - though it might take a while. I also know that they are working to improve on this. For us the produce is the main thing. Oftentimes, when our family sits down to dinner and EVERYTHING on our plates is from The Zahradka Farms we are all thankful for what their all consuming labor provides for us. In the real scheme of things, while frustrating, a few un-returned e-mails/phone calls doesn't seem so important when we are really well fed. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone considering a CSA membership this year.

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Dave Milford says:    (May 1, 2014)
Note - This person is one of the five CSA organizers. When I was a member, her name appeared on all the literature and emails I received about the CSA. You should identify yourself as such so potential customers know who is posting.

Bonnie Sorak says:    (May 24, 2014)
I am perfectly thrilled to identify myself as an organizer for this farmer. I completely object to the implication of this reviewer who I do not recognize as ever having been a member. This is our fourth year doing direct business with The Zahradkas (in two years prior we worked with CSA "farmers" who were actually selling us food that George grew! And also sold his produce at their "producer only" farmer's market booths - -after they negotiated prices below market value knowing that the actual grower just needs to sell his product. Doing a per item comparison is irrelevant. If you want to bargain shop then just buy at the market - - but don't deceive yourself. Buyer beware AND ask real questions like "Did you really grow this food?" and "Which products from your farm are certified organic?). Their produce is delicious. The variety is great. We've had a 12 item share and were allowed two fruits (large shares can double on anything). I will concede that communication could be better, but they have never failed to deliver, even in the winter. Just wondering if the person that was complaining about the Winter Share being unpredictable actually lives in Maryland? Can you imagine yourself trying to farm this past winter? We were ecstatic that they could produce anything at all. The whole POINT of being a CSA member is "support". And in addition to providing our family's food, the Zahradkas donate a tremendous amount of food to people in our community who are in great need through direct donations to families and donations to Hopeworks, Food on the 15th and Grassroots. Additionally, our members donate their shares when they go on vacation. TOTALLY Recommend them and proud to help them however I can.