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Very Disappointed with Quality

By:    (Mar 17, 2012)

I was very happy with the delivery schedule of my produce, but found that the vegetables were already rotten when we got them on almost every occasion. I would say that AT MOST, only about 2/3 of the produce was edible. I wanted to cancel my subscription within the first two weeks of delivery, but the seller would not honor the Local Harvest Satisfaction Guarantee and would not give a pro-rated refund of any sort. I did not write to the Local Harvest people since I had paid directly to Paypal when the Cricket's Garden folks sent me a Paypal money request. I should not have paid through that link, therefore, Local Harvest was not involved and probably not responsible. I should have put the purchase of the season in my cart and paid directly through this site in order to get the guarantee.

This was the first time we signed up for a CSA so we should have done more research perhaps. I will be going elsewhere this year.

Moral of the Story- Beware of paying through the Paypal request sent directly from this seller. You will not be backed by the regular guaranteed satisfaction rules of this site.

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