Winter Park Honey (Colorado)

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By: Shannon Pickering    (Mar 18, 2012)

There is no way you can call your honey organic as you cannot control where your bees go and what they are getting nectar from. With a foraging range of over three miles, it is impossible to to say that they have not been on crops, gardens or flowers that haven't been sprayed.

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Scott Shurman says:    (Apr 29, 2012)
We do not claim to have organic honey. The national honey board has not defined a national standard for U.S. organic honey and, therefore, it is impossible to claim such a thing. Our honey is 'organically produced'. This means that we do our best to ensure that no chemicals or pesticides are used on, in or near our beehives. We also make sure that all of our bee locations are several miles from areas that are sprayed with chemicals. We do not locate our beehives on farms that spray harmful chemicals. We do our very best to make sure that our honey is as natural and pure as it can bee!