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Super friendly, well priced, good quality

By: Christopher South    (Mar 26, 2012)

They actually let me and my daughter go back and interact with the chickens and Ducks. It was great fun. I asked tons of questions about the feed and the way they are raised. Here is the verdict.

Very Good Quality for the price range ($3/dozen)!

Unless you're willing to drive up to Quaker Hill Farm, the perfect egg (in Michigan) will cost you about $5-$6 per dozen. I think Hickory Oak Farm is a great compromise. They have their chickens outside grazing as much as possible. I saw them. Very healthy looking, sociable and happy chickens. They only feed them about 10% grain. I always look for grain free chickens, but this is the best I've found for this price range.

Very good tasting eggs. Both chicken and duck eggs are good. The Duck eggs taste identical to chickens but have a meatier texture. Very hard shells.

They have the coolest Ducks, called Indian Runners. They don't fly and travel in packs which makes them hilarious to watch. I laughed hysterically as my 3 year old daughter chased them around the yard. No Joke... they look like waddling bowling pins!

Probably the best part was that I could go pick some up on a sunday at 3pm. They seem to be open ALL the time. Which is wonderful for those like myself who work a rotating shift at a factory.

I hope this review helped!

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