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Best meat CSA!

By: Laura Olive Sackton Ariel Berman    (Mar 27, 2012)

Hettie Belle Farm is without a doubt the most reliable, conscientious, thoughtful, ethical, and delicious meat CSA I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. As a farmer myself, I know how hard it is to do what Hettie Belle does - treat their land and their animals with the utmost care and respect. At a time when it is sometimes hard to know what goes into your meat, even if you buy local and organic, you can always count on meat from Hettie Belle. Jennifer and Olivier take great care to raise food sustainably, to treat their animals humanely, to keep their land and pastures healthy - and you can taste it in the meat. Everything, from cuts of lamb and beef I've never tried before, to the usual ground beef and bacon, has been absolutley delicious. I love learning new cooking methods and trying new recipes from the newsletter each month. The farmers are kind and helpful, the meat is superb, the variety of cuts is excellent, the CSA is well-run. I cannot recommend Hettie Belle highly enough. If you're looking for a meat CSA you can feel good about it, look no further!

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