Living Light Wheatgrass

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you gotta get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: shirley shoen    (Mar 28, 2012)

I always enjoy the opportunity to stop at a juice bar for a great fresh shot or double shot of wheatgrass unfortunately there are way to few places locally (especially in Niagara County) to get fresh wheatgrass shots. I happen to be surfing the web after a stop at a great juice bar in Canada hoping to find more local spots that I might not aware of. I happened across Living Light. I called Eric and order 24 frozen shots and they are AMAZING!!!! he harvests one day and juices that same day, then immediately freezes the shots! So you have a fresh shot at your fingertips. We all know the health benenfits. But to have it that fresh!! next step is to talk to Eric about juicing myself. You must call him you won't be sorry!! and your body will thank you. Live LIGHT!!

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