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Nice quality, lovely people, skimpy quantity

By:    (Mar 30, 2012)

This review relates to a full winter 2012 CSA share.

Sunseed advertises that they:"design our shares to provide enough vegetables for your family" and that the 2012 winter share includes: "over twenty kinds of cold-hardy greens, root vegetables and herbs from our hoops, as well as about a dozen different kinds of vegetables from our fall harvest in storage". My experience is that you can't be eating many vegetables if this is supposed to be enough for a family. Last weeks' share was a gallon bag of baby kale (1 meal for a family of 3-4), a gallon bag of mixed lettuces (another meal, or maybe even the same meal), a very large rutabaga, 4 onions, a bunch of carrots, a small bunch of cilantro, a small bunch of parsley, 4 potatoes and perhaps one more item that I've overlooked. You may judge if that is enough vegetables for a family. I don't think so, unless we are only talking about feeding the putative family for a couple of days. Re variety, so far we have received 5-6 different kinds of greens; perhaps the other 14-15 are in the mesclun mixes. Everything is fresh and in excellent shape, but the small quantities make this an extremely expensive CSA share. I'll be asking a lot more questions before I sign up for another CSA share with anyone.

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Tomm and Trilby Becker says:    (Jun 14, 2012)
We certainly recognize that the quantity in the CSA share varies with the seasons, and we're working hard to provide enough food for our members through the seasons. We also work hard to communicate with our members how our harvest is effected by climate, including the very challenging early spring we had, with such extremely high temperatures in the month of March. Late winter and early spring turns out to be the most difficult time of year to grow for, and we feel confident going into our third winter CSA season that we will be able to provide plentiful quantity every month of the year. This week's share in early summer: garlic scapes, kale, snap peas, pac choi, spicy salad mix, sweet salad mix, spinach, hakurei turnips, swiss chard, head lettuce and radishes.