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good for you

By: Karen M Wheeler    (Apr 3, 2012)

I just got to go and visit this place today and am happy to say they have the right attitude to probably do well even in our little town of Bronson.

It is not easy to own and operate a business here and it is even harder to make it profitable. So if you want to step into the future in our Lovely county I suggest you go on over and visit this establishment and support their efforts to bring something different and also much needed into our area.

I am one of the local farmers in this area and will be supporting this place as well.

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Karen M Wheeler says:    (May 11, 2012)
i have changed my mind entirely after hanging around for a while. no big improvement over other places offering goods. more of an eclectic shop on a new age level and i am no longer so impressed. not bad but nothing special either.