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NON Fertile eggs

By: linda fromm    (Apr 5, 2012)

bought and paid for fertile turkey eggs, over $85 with shipping. Not 1 egg hatched. He claims I don't know how to hatch eggs. I have hatched chicken, duck and guinea eggs no problem, but I guess turkey eggs are extra special. Total BS in my book. Been farming for over 40 years never heard such a line of &%^$ in my life. Thanks for nothing.

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Otto Beebe says:    (May 8, 2012)
Linda, Sorry to hear about your experience. We have some turkey eggs, and I can send them to you, just email me ottobeebe@gmail.com. I just set 28 eggs, and we had 15 hatch, with 13 survive. It was our first attempt, so someone with experience would probably do better. Otto