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NON Fertile eggs

By: linda fromm    (Apr 5, 2012)

bought and paid for fertile turkey eggs, over $85 with shipping. Not 1 egg hatched. He claims I don't know how to hatch eggs. I have hatched chicken, duck and guinea eggs no problem, but I guess turkey eggs are extra special. Total BS in my book. Been farming for over 40 years never heard such a line of &%^$ in my life. Thanks for nothing.

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Otto Beebe says:    (May 8, 2012)
Linda, Sorry to hear about your experience. We have some turkey eggs, and I can send them to you, just email me ottobeebe@gmail.com. I just set 28 eggs, and we had 15 hatch, with 13 survive. It was our first attempt, so someone with experience would probably do better. Otto

mari lapointe says:    (Oct 24, 2014)
Dear Turkey Egg-buyer: You probably meant it sarcastically when you said that "turkey eggs are special", but you hit it on the head. Perhaps you could ask the seller for the opinions from his other egg buyers on the value of buying his eggs to hatch, the hatch rate they had, their hatching techniques and appliances used, their hygrometer & thermometer/alarm & recording devices used to get accurate details on hatching turkey eggs. Yes, turkey eggs are "special" in a few ways, when it comes to later stage hatching humidity & temperature reductions. It was just a while ago I learned that I didn't have to bother checking those readings on the last few days, that I could have been hurting the hatch by opening the appliance to check the readings. Now, I have in/out alarmed hygrometer/thermometer device inside which gives me a remote reading in the house, alarming if anything goes up/down from the temps/humidity I set it for. You have the experience it takes to learn turkey hatching, but anyone who hatches will caution about buying eggs thru mail sources, since the seller CANNOT control whatever microwave, heat or vibration they might inflict on the egg-mailing container. The same is true with day-olds. My one & only $365 dozen turkey dayolds taught me that; 13 sent to me, the 13th was dead at the Post Office, 11 were dead within 5 wks. I got one $365 hen from that purchase and the seller, "e-Fowl" played dumb, phone-tag and passing the buck games until I could no longer play. No reimbursement!!! Don't buy e-Fowl! Hope you have a network of Heritage Turkey folks in your area to consult with. The old timers taught me, and GAVE me, tons of knowledge and birds, too! They still come to me when they need something, and that's priceless to be in their flock! One of them will have a contact who goes to bird shows or state fairs who you can contract to buy good looking birds eggs for you or newly hatched, or get a good, local contact for you. You obviously are looking for what this seller has, and you are right to presume you need to get that from a turkey handraised in high human contact from day one! But, you can get that from a grown turkey or poult of 3-6 months, past the hard stages, who WAS already home flock, human hand raised by someone else. My birds are sold as poults and adults, and not one has ever been anything but stone-pure pets of the great folks who bought them, because that's how I raise them...they are my babies, I give many names, can give the buyer a health history, any known quirks of that bird(s), recommend non-blood relatives they can buy from other trusted local breeders when they want to breed their babies later on. I want my buyers to be as in-love and happy with their birds as I am with the price I sacrifice them at. Not one of my birds is ever sold at any real profit. No one could afford to keep buying feed if they priced what these turkeys are worth in what we pay to put into them, and every sale is a Prayer of Thanksgiving from us to God, cuz we always are on the brink of disaster, needing to buy feed every week, but needing to have the money to do that with. So, look at what your heart has for it's reasons for having a home flock, forgive this seller for whatever the reason was for failure of the eggs you bought, get busy with your state Agr. Dept, talk to the State Biologists for contacts in Heritage Turkeys, to your State Fair folks, shake down your feed stores for other breeders, put notices in grain stores, groceries, country stores, etc, stop at farms, leave a note with your inquiry and contact info, someone will get back to you. Most states have Fowl societies, try Googling or Craigs Listing searches for Heritage Breed Turkeys in your area. I wish you were close by, but I would nevr sell eggs; we just had the worst hatch rates of 20 yrs, in the last 4 yrs, 2014 was the worst of the 4! I am mad at myself and have reworked our appliance & device, but still, the rain/cold kept the Tom and jakes from getting amorous, and the hens got confused, doubled up on nests and got broody before the nests were full and many eggs were infertile anyway. They sat overly long on bad eggs and the 2nd nests were too late, the toms got lazy and were hardly mounting hens at all. Many other breeders reported the same for spring 2014. But, we will try again next year with hope in our hearts.