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Can't Please Everybody

By: Bill Rafferty    (Apr 6, 2012)

It is a shame that Jo was so disappointed and unhappy. In my experience with life there will always be people who are unhappy in their own life. Sometimes it is better for them to move on. As a member of the CSA, I wish you well and hope that you find happiness. We have been very pleased, satisfied members for three years. Is it perfect? No. But life is not perfect. Matt is constantly trying to upgrade, refine and improve his product, delivery and overall CSA experience. The priviledge of eating organic produce far out weighs the glitches that sometimes occur. In short, we are supremely happy with the product and the service because we are mature enough to know that those seeking perfection only end up wallowing in their own disappointments. Keep up the good work Matt, it is a priviledge.

ps. You have turned us on to some wonderful vegetables that we never knew existed and great recipes too!

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