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Highlight of our week!

By: Rachel Bush    (May 2, 2012)

For many years my husband and I wanted to join a CSA. But with three kids 5 years old and younger we were a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea. But we did know that we wanted our kids to be able to "go to the farm" to pick up our food.

From the beginning Jennifer has been so very helpful. She responded quickly to my email for more information (many farms never returned my phone calls/emails). She always has suggestions for how to prepare the food. She has even held my youngest while I've packed up my share!

We joined Capella Farms in the summer of 2011, extended our share into the fall session, and are now planning to participate in the spring, summer and fall sessions this year.

One aspect that I love about Capella is the way they do distribution. I love that I "build my own box". By following the instructions on the white board I am able to bag my own food from the pre-labeled tables. This helps me to know what it is that I'm getting (rather than emptying a pre-packed box at home and wondering what the different leafy greens are!).

My kids love to come with me to pick up our share. There are goats to see, chickens to look at, and Jennifer's kids to run around with. All-in-all a great time!

But let's not forget about the food! Everything tastes so good and looks so beautiful. There have been times when I have clapped my hands in delight (rhubard, beets) and even brought a tear to my eye (some of the greens truly are beautiful!). I love the food and don't know if I could ever return to produce shopping at the grocery store!

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