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Happy Camper!

By: Audrey Watts    (May 9, 2012)

I just got home with my first CSA bag from Local Food Stop, and the produce looks fantastic! Iâ??m not sure what to do with this gorgeous eggplantâ?¦the shape and size really lend itself to eggplant parmesan, but an Asian stir-fry sounds lovely too. I have never cooked kohlrabi, but Iâ??ve heard its great raw in a saladâ?¦I will be experimenting. The lettuces are absolutely beautiful; I ordered one red leaf and one green leaf. I was excited to see they have local corn so I ordered that (paid separately for it), and I also ordered local blueberries (paid separately for that too). I like the option of ordering different size bags based on how much produce I need week to week, and the flexibility of customizing my own bag (for no extra fee) is very appealing. With all this local produce everywhere, itâ??s amazing to me that the grocery stores are still carrying many of these same items from Mexico or other parts of the world?

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