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Yum! Yum!

By: Edrianna Stilwell    (May 14, 2012)

We are pleased to announce we are Cane Creek Asparagus & Company's newest fans. We picked up our basket from Troyer's on Thursday and rushed home to explore our "prize." Oh my goodness, beautiful bright green and crisp vegetables, one bundle after another. After getting everything onto the kitchen counter I glanced at the box did it all fit? I quickly grabbed my laptop computer and pulled up the web site...Veggie Identification I - excellent, now I will know what is in the box and can pull some recipes from the web site as well. My next search...How to clean your goodies - perfect, this is just what I need. We washed and packaged everything, leaving several things out for dinner. I made a big salad and also sauteed some greens. What a delight! We had already planned to be away for the weekend so we reluctantly departed Friday morning, saying good bye and we will see you soon to our full refrigerator. We didn't get home until Sunday at about 8:30. I have a pretty strict rule about not eating after 8 which I willingly broke. I made myself a salad with several of the beautiful greens. I sprinkled on some raisins, walnuts, and a gourmet oil and vinegar I picked up over the weekend. My mouth was in heaven as I savored each bite. Thanks Glenda and Cane Creek Asparagus & Company! Live Happy - Eat Fresh and Local!

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