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Backyard gardening

By: Donna Wilmot    (May 22, 2012)

I took Tony's backyard gardening class and was thrilled with his knowledge and willingness to share it with me. In addition to his enthusiasm and wisdom, he inspired me to begin my hand at organic gardening and learning about the foods we eat and the part we play in supporting local farmers. Tony provided me with some flowering plants and vegetables and to my surprise, they are thriving under my hand! Thanks Tony for inspiring me! I will be back for another class soon. Donna

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Tony Dagher says:    (May 24, 2012)
I am equally excited and thrilled to have a student like Donna.She was prepeared and ready to do her share of Hands On Learning and proved that she CAN GROW her own and apply what she learned at the class.Thank you Donna for your enthusiasm and devotion to apply and learn the process of urban farming.