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Local? Really? Why do they hide the commercial boxes?

By: Wink Tidwell    (May 23, 2012)

I was told last year by the director that managed this city-run farmers market that if I chose to be a vendor, it would ok for me, as do the current vendors, to bring in produce from outside the area, i.e., the commercial produce from the Texas valley and other non-organic commercial sites across the nation (the same is being done at the two farmers markets on the Arkansas side of this border city!). So it;s NOT local produce!!

I don't think it is honest nor cool to tell people your ripe tomatoes are local when in fact its too early for ripe tomatoes, and also in fact they are the same tomatoes you can buy in Wal-Mart or Albertsons, and for less money. I think it to be a LOT dishonest, but they have been doing this for years.

I also think they, the city of Texarkana, has no business competing against private farmers markets; they got a government grant to start their program...where does this grant money come from? From out of the pockets of competing private markets!!!!

There is one other farmers market on the edge of the Texarkana City Limits, in Nash, that requires its farmers to sell ONLY local produce; and investigates their farms!!! And, they don't charge honest farmers one dime for their vendor booths! This is the only business that honestly sells only LOCAL grown produce, period!

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Lana Akin says:    (Jun 7, 2012)
Well Wink, you was told wrong! You are mischaracterizing this market and teetering on slander. As a vendor at the market, I can say for certain that all of our vendors sell locally grown produce. There is no "hiding boxes." We do have specialty produce brought in from outside the 60 mile local growing radius occasionally. However, it is labeled and approved prior to sale per the market managers. Customers know exactly what they are getting and nothing is misrepresented. Have you even been to our market? I seriously doubt so because you would have met the honest, hard working, LOCAL farmers that we have. I hope the famers' market you have in Nash is successful but please don't belittle other markets for your own gain.