Sheboygan Farmers Market

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LOCAL, Eco and fresh

By: Lynn pB    (May 30, 2012)

We are so lucky to have this fabulous market. FRESH, healthy stuff and GREAT PRICES. I love supporting our local growers where I don't have to give one cent to a greedy corporate empire. I bring my own bags and fill them to the top with veggies. The same stuff at the grocery store would cost about 5 x more. It's easy to do a "meatless Monday" with the variety here. It's fun to try the many Asian favorites offered too. Free range eggs are available (if you arrive early enough). They do cost a bit more, but view a documentary about mega chicken farms and you'll have a clear conscious at breakfast.

Even with our shorter growing season, Wisconsin is rated 10th in local/farm markets. This location is a prime example of why.(Florida is dead last. I've searched for a place like this there and it's a painful and pitiful experience).

I hate when the season ends but don't foget about the winter market! You can find the info if you look hard enough.

What will you find in the park? (in season): radishes - dill - rhubarb - herbs (chives, basil, parsley.....) - cucumbers - onions (skinny, fat) - greens greens! (lettuce, bok choy, spinach, swiss chard...) - sweet peppers (green, red, orange, purple) - hot peppers (chillis, red, green) - cut FLOWERS! - sweet corn - squash (yellow summer, zucchini, acorn, butternut......) - green and yellow beans pumpkins & gourds - carrots - tomatoes (slicing, yellow, cherry....) - apples - snow peas - turnips - kohlrabi - Broccoli - beets - potatoes - rutabaga - asparagus - cabbage - cider - beets - eggplant - strawberries - raspberries - melons -

*baked goods: breads, cookies, eggrolls * arts and crafts on certain days

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