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A useful tea.

By: Ashley Hartman    (Jun 8, 2012)

I was suffering from frequent UTI's and was getting sick of taking anti-biotics when I decided to search for more natural methods. I've been working on adding UTI prevention to my daily habits (eating yogurt, drinking cranberry juice and this tea) and I haven't had one since. I felt a twinge of one coming on awhile ago, so I drank a whole pot of this tea, ate yogurt and did yoga (to help with stress) and it never fully developed. I fully recommend this tea as an aid to UTI prevention, but you can't expect to drink a tea and be magically cured since wellness is a holistic thing. These herbs are a wonderful, wonderful piece though, and this is a great product.

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Elaynn McGuffrey says:    (Jun 11, 2012)
Thank you! Elaynn