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Gardening with Heart

By:    (Jun 9, 2012)

I work at Hippocrates Health Institute where I continue to learn and integrate the value of living food into my life. In seeking to gain a deeper connection to that food, I signed up for Tony's beginner class on gardening. I have just returned from that class, and feel deeply changed. I feel a bit more observant, patient and still inside. He taught me that in that space, I not only notice but become open to receive the great gifts that are surrounding me on the earth. I am aware now of spaces and living things that I never even stopped to notice before. He shared some very ancient tools for working in harmony with the earth and I learned how to recycle and honor the garden in simple yet profound ways. I found Tony's teaching style to be refreshing and authentic and will assimilate what he taught me and be back for more! His class was exactly the type of gardening that I was seeking. It incorporates the heart.... Pam

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Tony Dagher says:    (Jun 11, 2012)
I am honored to have garden enthusiasts like Pam , from Hippocretes Health Institute.Pam has a talent to express and connect not just with Mother Earth but also with the Awareness Process of Organic Gardening .Thank you Pam , please come back soon.Together we can make The Earth a Healing Garden of Inner Peace and LIVING GREENS for the LIVING..