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Why I proudly serve Highspire Eggs

By: Tim Courtney    (Jun 14, 2012)

I am a trained chef from the CIA and have been cooking professionally for fifteen years. I can tell you, just by looking at these eggs. The yolks are brightly colored and the whites are thick and clear. They produce the most phenomenal omelets, softest curds and custards, and are absolutely ideal for poached egg dishes. I first fell in love with these beautiful eggs when I found them at Kimberton Whole Foods in Downingtown. Then about six months ago I became Head Chef at the Silverspoon Restaurant in Wayne, Pa. We specialize in serving the very best in local foods from sustainable farms in our area, which is something I am truly passionate about. We serve brunch seven days a week and go through a lot of eggs, so where (and from whom) I buy my eggs is a very important to me. With lots of options for farm fresh eggs in this area I started shopping around. I found similar eggs some more expensive, some less expensive but the quality I found in Highspire eggs could not be beat. The difference is in the freshness and flavor. Eggs from a small production farm like this don't sit around in inventory for a week or two before you see them. When I order my eggs for the week I know that they are less than three days old. That's incredibly fresh!!! Having visited the farm on several occasions I can vouch for the living conditions of the hens and dealing with Duane and Deb has been an absolute pleasure. I proudly list on my menu the many farms that support us in our efforts to raise awareness for local foods, most notably Highspire Hill Farms for their delicious eggs. Thanks, Chef Tim

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