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Phenomenal veggies and great community!

By: Alexandra Tiefel    (Jun 26, 2012)

Portage River Farm is a newer CSA. They are ambitious and dedicated! The food that we have gotten from the farm is delicious and has helped my family start to branch out and shift our eating habits. The eggs that we get each week are wonderful and having Maple syrup in spring has been so great too.

What has amazed me is how much Fox and Janet are in this for the community and the big picture. For them its not just about making a living and if truth be told they aren't even at the point of making a living from the farm alone yet. For them it's about the sustainable farming practice, the building a community around them through food and bringing things from a simpler time back. Things like knowing people in your community and building a network of support. With the bedroom communities that we live in these days it can be challenging.... I digress.

Fox and Janet work very hard and distribute delicious organic food a long with just out right being good people. The farm functions year round as does the delicious food. Our family hopes that this is a farm that continues to grow for decades to come and that our children can grow up with the benefit of know these great people, learning from the lessons of a farm and enjoying the nutritious and yup I'm going to say it again delicious food!

Thanks Fox and Janet!

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