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Plusses and Minuses

By: SD Veggielover    (Jun 26, 2012)

Weâ??re participating in the Spring/summer 2012 season and I thought Iâ??d write down a few things, as I had a difficult time finding information on this CSA when I was first considering a subscription â?? and itâ??s a big chunk of change to spend all in one go, without really knowing what youâ??re going to get!

Right off the bat, there are good things and not-so-good things about the Ambrose CSA. I think that if youâ??ve never done something like this before, itâ??d be good to read up on it to give you a better idea on what to expect. Some weeks are great, some weeks are not. Sometimes you will get more of one kind of veg than you know what to do with. Sometimes the shares of something you like are really stingy. Thereâ??s always a risk. Anyway, on to the good and meh!

GOOD - I definitely saved money by joining, particularly when I was getting salad greens in the bag. And I donâ??t mean that itâ??s cheaper than someplace like Earth Fare or Whole Foods â?? itâ??s cheaper than the regular produce at Publix or Bi-Lo. That said, I tried very hard to make use of everything I got in the bag so there was very little wastage.

- It provides a great opportunity to get to know some new vegetables.

- Youâ??re supporting a local farm.

- If youâ??re looking to eat organic, this is an affordable way to do it. Theyâ??ll also let you know if anything in your bag is NOT organic.

- On the whole, the fruit and veg I brought home were of good quality.

NOT-SO-GOOD - Shares are a liiiiiitttle on the short side. We got a Small share, which they say is enough for one person. OK, I guess I can see that. In *total*, what you get for a week could feed one person â?? if you werenâ??t a vegetarian. However, what you get isnâ??t so balanced. Example: You get tons of greens and *3* baby carrots. Or one tomato and endless green beans. I have to admit to being a little miffed with the whole â??3 baby carrotsâ?? thing. And the 1 spring onion. So while it is technically enough veg for one person, youâ??ll still have to shore things up by buying stuff at the grocery.

- I donâ??t really mind this, but I think some people might: as one reviewer has already said, you donâ??t get all of what they list in the email that gets sent weekly. If youâ??re a hardcore meal-planner, this can be a pain in the butt.

- This is slightly aside from the CSA itself, but worth mentioning. Ambrose Farms advertises when theyâ??ve got a bumper crop of stuff for sale. I got excited about buying some extras, but then looked at the prices. Outside of the CSA, the produce is more than I can afford. For example: $5 a pound for asparagus.

- If you pick up your share at Stono Market, the woman who runs the produce section *can* be extremely rude. I donâ??t think she means to be, but good gracious Iâ??ve seen her be downright unpleasant to people.

On the whole, I think Iâ??ve had a good experience. For me, the main thing was saving some money and the CSA has definitely delivered on that account. I also likeliked the adventure and variety. On top of all that, having grown up on and around farms, I like supporting other farmers. Would I do it again? Maybe. I think I might sniff around the area for another one to try, and if that fails, Iâ??ll go back to Ambrose. I hope I havenâ??t come across as toooo negative â?? I just wanted to give people a clear idea on what to expect. Like I said, itâ??s a chunk of money to shell out right off the bat and I can see how people having different priorities might make this CSA either a success or a disappointment.

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